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Do what you need to do when it’s convenient for you — without having to visit a branch. But, if you ever need anything, we’re always here to help.

Online Banking puts
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Explore the tools below to find out how online banking can make banking a lot more convenient.

Transfer Money

Pay your kid’s allowance, move money from checking to savings, or schedule a loan payment. Do you have an account somewhere else? You can even transfer money to an outside account.

How do I transfer money via online banking?

1. Log in to online banking

2. Click the Move Money tab and select Schedule Single Transfer or Schedule Multiple Transfers

3. Select the accounts you wish to transfer from and to, enter a descriptionamount, frequency, period, and scheduled date.

4. Click Transfer

The cut-off time for internal transfers is 7:00pm CDT; 4:00pm CDT for external transfers.

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Paperless Statements

We promise you won’t miss that stack of unopened envelopes. Even better, losing the paper trail also means gaining security.

Security and Technology

All of our online banking tools are highly encrypted and secure. However, it is vital that you adhere to safe banking practices and keep yourself prepared with tools that can keep you from falling victim to fraud.


1 Mobile network carrier fees may apply.

2 Must have a bank account in the U.S. to use Zelle®.

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