Cash Management

Making business a little easier.

Southern Bank’s Cash Management services are a customizable suite of tools to streamline your business operations. Provide direct deposit for your employees, pay federal taxes, collect customer payments, reconcile accounts, manage cash flow, and more from one convenient location inside online banking.

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With Cash Management you can:

  • Pay employees with direct deposit
  • Collecting Customer Payments
  • Balance Reporting
  • Check Reconciliation (Positive Pay)
  • Book Transfer
  • Wire Transfer
  • Electronic Federal Tax Payer System (EFTPS)
  • NACHA Importing
  • Secure File Transfers

Office personnel permissions: You have total control over employee Cash Management access. Each employee user has a unique access ID and passcode. Trusted employees can access online accounts, pay federal tax deposits, complete wire transfers, and manage as much or little of your operations as you wish.

Information security: All data entered into or accessed through your online banking profile is protected by Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption technology,which requires a browser that supports a minimum of TLS 1.1 and 128-bit encryption (preferably TLS 1.2 and 256-bit encryption). Every Cash Management customer also receives a security token for an added layer of security. In addition, you can customize your account to issue alerts when account activity takes place, keeping you up to date on account activity and identifying potential fraud before it takes place.

In order to take advantage of Cash management services, you must be enrolled in online banking.

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Available Options

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ACH Credit Origination

Credit Origination allows your business to process employee payroll electronically and make direct deposits into their bank accounts. Direct deposit is a great way to save money and make it easier for your employees to get paid. Depositing directly into your employees’ accounts decreases the cost of checks and lessens the risk of stolen documents and identity fraud. Your employees don’t have to have an account at Southern Bank to utilize direct deposit.