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Fraudsters Seeking Online Banking Credentials

New Fraud Scheme: Fraudsters seeking online banking credentials & personal information:

Fraudsters are attempting to obtain online banking credentials and personal information. Here’s how they are trying to get you to slip.

They are reaching out via text message, under the guise of a Fraud Alert from financial institutions. When you respond to the fake text message, the fraudster will contact you by phone, because they now know your number is real. The fraudsters then request confidential information such as your User ID and passcode to gain access to your financial accounts online. Some fraudsters have even been able to spook the caller ID of your financial institution so the message appears to originate from the financial institution.

Southern Bank will never ask for you to provide your online banking user name or password, nor will we ask you to provide the answers to your security questions.

It is unfortunate that during these stressful and confusing times that these attempts are increasing. However, you can protect yourself by remaining diligent and overly cautious.

If you suspect you have fallen for any of these attempts, contact us immediately at (855)-452-7272 or email us at