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Five Budget-Friendly Date Ideas

So, you have both decided that 2017 will be the year you stick to that well planned out budget! You have been doing great so far. Planning meals at home more, eating out less. Foregoing the frills because you have your eye on the prize. Maybe you are saving for a new vehicle or a down payment on a new home. Whatever your goal may be, you don’t want to bust your budget trying to woo each other for Valentine’s Day.

For those of you looking to forego the fancy date spot but not the romance, here are five budget-friendly date ideas to keep the spark in your relationship!

Cook a Gourmet Dinner at Home Together

We all have our favorite restaurants. My husband and I love eating at a Cajun restaurant in a neighboring city. The problem is, it is an hour drive and isn’t cheap. This Valentine’s Day, plan to try out a copycat recipe of your favorite dish. It may end up being better than the original and half the cost. My favorite dish anytime without making reservations? Yes, please! Then you will have plenty left over to go out for dessert!

Wine Tasting

It seems like wineries are popping up everywhere! Most of them allow wine tasting for free or for a very small price. Take your date and keep mental notes on which wines he or she enjoys most. Obviously there are more important details for you to know about your spouse than their taste in wine, but having a nice bottle of their favorite waiting for them after a hard day at work couldn’t hurt!

Picnic in the Park

There is just something special about putting a blanket down and breaking out the wine and cheese. Pack a meal for your date and make it a surprise! Bonus points for fresh flowers and dessert!

Local Band Concert

Okay, so maybe the up-and-coming local singers can’t compete with the sold out Martina McBride concert coming up but the local artist may just be the next big star! And just think, you are supporting local musicians while skipping the $60 ticket price.

Stroll Down Memory Lane

Recreate one of your first and most memorable dates. Maybe you took her to the skating rink, out to see a certain movie or to a certain restaurant? It's all in the details!

Whatever you choose to do, don’t forget to download the Southern Bank App beforehand so you aren’t halting your date to call the bank. Signing in with Touch ID makes it a quick simple process. Check your accounts in seconds to see just how much you have to spend!