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How Far Will Your Homeowners Insurance Take You After a Natural Disaster?

Earthquake. Many homeowner insurance policies exclude coverage for losses due to earthquakes – except for fire resulting from this disaster. This is why separate earthquake policies are sold for full protection and coverage. In some states, you may be required to purchase this type of coverage, and if you cannot afford it, a government-mandated insurance policy will be made available to you at an affordable price.

Flood. Most policies do not include coverage for any loss resulting from a flood. Unless you buy a separate flood policy, you are likely not covered. Certain states require you to purchase flood insurance or you will not be able to purchase a home. Many plans are available through private insurance companies and government insurance programs for your benefit.

Hail. Most policies provide coverage for losses resulting from hail. Usually, hail is named as a “peril” in your policy, but be sure to check on that.

Tornado. Most policies cover losses resulting from a tornado, as a tornado is classified as a “windstorm.” Much like hurricane coverage, be careful to look specifically at what is and is not covered so you’re not at a loss if you experience this type of disaster. As with other natural disasters, any flooding that occurs from a tornado is not covered.

*Every homeowner’s insurance policy is different. Speak with your insurance company about your specific coverage. Information is for informational purposes only and is not intended to provide legal or financial advice.