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Press Release


Southern Bank among top performers in Bank Director list of performance powerhouses.

We are excited and honored to have been named among Bank Director’s list of 2021 Ranking Banking Performance Powerhouses. This study examined multiple factors that impact a financial institution’s performance that generates long-term value for shareholders: profitability, revenue generation, growth to efficiency, and credit risk. The study also investigated retail and lending strategies and company culture, along with composition of the board of directors and governance practices, to understand what factors set the bank up for long-term success.

Overall, Southern Missouri Bancorp ranked 16th among the top 20 performers. Here’s how we stacked up in each of the individual categories:

  • Best Bank for Creating Value – 13th
  • Best Revenue Strategy – 6th
  • Best Retail Strategy – 17th
  • Best Lending Strategy – 15th
  • Best Credit Risk Strategy – 11th
  • Best Growth Strategy – 1st
  • Most Efficient Bank – 7th
  • Best Technology Strategy – 13th
  • Best Employer – 20th
  • Best Board – 20th

As a growth-oriented company, it is no surprise that Southern Missouri Bancorp ranked first in Best Growth Strategy. With value to shareholders always top-of-mind, CEO Greg Steffens said “I believe that organic growth is imperative to the long-term performance of the company [and] we have to be growing organically to be able to provide the returns to our shareholders that they deserve and for us to remain relevant within the industry.” With the mindset that acquisitions must be financially rewarding for shareholders, Southern Missouri focuses on growth-oriented companies.

Bank Director is an information resource to the financial community focusing on the strategic issues fundamental to a bank’s CEO, senior leadership team, chairman, and independent directors.

Click here to read the full report.