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Have control over your banking 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

With convenient, secure online banking and bill pay, a number of banking tasks are available to you from anywhere with internet access. Simply go online to view your balance, stop a payment, transfer funds, pay bills, and more – even conduct person-to-person transfers through POP Money. Sign up for simplified banking today.

Online Banking After Hours Assistance:


  • Free, convenient, secure service for customers with a Southern Bank account
  • Have 24/7 online control over nearly every aspect of your accounts:
    • View real-time account balances
    • View detailed transaction information and account history for 24 months
    • View check images
    • Stop Payment on a check
    • View your entire Southern Bank relationship on one screen
    • Transfer funds between your Southern Bank accounts and external accounts
    • Download account information to financial software such as QuickBooks, Quicken, or Microsoft Money
    • Exchange secure electronic messages with Southern Bank
    • Use the Electronic Check Register to categorize deposits and withdrawals
    • View future cash balances with Bill Pay & transfer usage
    • External Account Integration – view all of your accounts, at various institutions and companies in one secure location. 

Online Banking After Hours Assistance:


  • Make one-time or recurring payments with ease:
    • Schedule payments in advance
    • Set up payment reminders and notifications
  • Ensure payments are received on time
  • Have all payee information saved in one convenient place
  • Avoid paper clutter and long periods of check preparation
  • More secure than paper billing
  • Save money on postage, checks, and trips to a branch
  • Available for $6.95 per month or for free with our Kasasa® accounts
  • Unlimited payments

The days of disguising checks in the mail are over. Popmoney enables you to make and receive account-to-account transfers to friends, family members, and others, using your online banking portal. Notifications are automatically sent via email, alerting the recipient that a transfer has been made. Plus, Popmoney keeps your information secure by cutting information exchange down to a minimum.

Service Details

  • Quickly and easily send money from your checking or savings account*
  • Conveniently available within online banking
  • Send notification to contacts via email or text
  • Minimal information required:
    • Recipient's name
    • Recipient's email address or mobile number
  • No need to exchange private account information
  • Users can receive money at one of the following:
    • In their eligible account online at their bank (if it's a member of the Popmoney network)
    • Online at
  • Save valuable time; no trips to the bank necessary 

Send money in three easy steps:

  1. Send to the recipient's email or mobile
  2. They get notified to deposit their money
  3. Money goes directly to their bank account

Request money sent to you

  1. Request money from a person or a group
  2. They get notified to pay the request
  3. Money goes into your account automatically

My Spending gives you ways to monitor your spending from Online Banking accounts to better manage your money. Using My Spending, you can easily see how you have spent over time and where your money is going. You also have the ability to set up alerts to notify you when your spending begins to exceed limits that you have specified.

My Spending is optimized to be utilized on all of your devices (including mobile, tablet, and desktop) so that you have access to your financial information whenver and wherever you need it.

Get started today by logging in to your Online Banking and select My Spending at the top of the page.

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