Interactive Teller Machines

Open early. Open late.

Drive up to one of our Interactive Teller Machines – ITM for short – and get a live, face-to-face video chat with one of our Personal Bankers. Make deposits, transfer funds, make loan payments: all with a live person, even after hours and on most holidays.

What is an ITM?

At an ITM you can conduct teller transactions via video conferencing in the drive-thru. Unlike an ATM where there’s only interaction through limited button response, an ITM includes a touch screen, buttons and a speaker providing direct access to a live teller.

ITMs offer a combination of convenience, an empowered customer experience, personal self-service transactions, and increased personal banking service hours.

For those who appreciate an interpersonal touch in the digital age, this is an ideal solution; no need to choose between human interaction and digital convenience, the ITM is the perfect middle ground. Whether it’s requesting specific increments of money or ordering checks, the ITM has you covered.

ITMs also employ the latest banking technology, making them faster and more efficient than ATMs. They can process multiple checks and stacks of bills — at the same time — with far fewer issues than ATMs.

What can I do at an ITM?

  • Withdrawal from checking/savings
  • Deposit cash or checks to checking/saving
  • Make a payment to your loan with Cash/check
  • Cash a check
  • Transfer funds
  • Withdrawal, deposit, or transfer to HSA

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