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Fraud Prevention


Scam Alert: New Drinik Android Trojan

Heads up Android users – there is a new version of the Drinik Android Trojan going around that is targeting users of financial institution applications and websites.

This new version targets users through an email or text message claiming to be from the IRS or other Income Tax Department offering a tax management tool. Installing this “helpful tax tool” and giving it permission to access your call logs, external storage, and text messages will disable Play Protect on your device, making your information vulnerable to scammers.

According to an article on, “Instead of taking the user to phishing pages, which was the previous tactic, Drinik opens what looks like the official website of the IRS. While using the form, the scammers make off with your account-related information.”

You may also end up seeing a pop-up offering a return but hitting the refund button will actually empty your bank account of funds.

How to protect yourself

Always check links before clicking on them by hovering over them. This could keep you from accidentally being led to a malicious website or downloading software that puts you at risk. If you are unsure of a notification you’ve received, contact us immediately, do not click on any links unless you are sure where they came from.

Keep in mind, if you are signed up for text messages from Southern Bank, they will only come from the number
1 (573) 345-5201.
Please save this number in your phone so that you know the message is coming from us, and if you get a message claiming to be from us that is from a different number, please reach out to us at (855) 452-7272. Note: Notify Me Alerts from online banking and mobile banking that you have set up will come from a different number but should not include a link.

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To read the full article about the Drinik Android Trojan, click here.