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Money Management


It's Your Money - Manage It!

If you’re a college student, you know all about trying to live on a “shoestring budget.” Wouldn’t it be great to stretch that dollar a little further? Check out some ways we think you can do that.

  • Drink water at restaurants instead of soda — it’s free!
  • Buy items at the grocery store that are on sale or that can be used for multiple meals.
  • Eat at home more and make your lunch before you go to class.
  • Use student discounts when feasible.
  • Do not grocery shop on an empty stomach.
  • Stay away from vending machines on campus — you don’t need the junk food and you can save more by bringing a snack.
  • Purchase used textbooks or buy new or used ones at a place other than your college’s bookstore (e.g., Amazon).
  • Stay away from magazine subscriptions — you have enough to read, and you can always find enough about your favorite topic on the internet.
  • Be sure you always compare prices before you buy anything.
  • Use the rewards on your credit card (if applicable).

These are just a few ways you can start to stretch your dollar as a college student. More than anything else, you should always be sure to only spend money on things you can afford. Stay away from using credit for things other than emergencies (e.g., medical care) or required expenses (e.g., traveling to and from school, books, etc.).

To learn more about ways we can help you manage your money, click here.

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