SMS Alerts

How we protect you with SMS Text Messaging Fraud Alerts:

  • With interactive fraud alerts, if our system detects suspicious activity on your card, you’ll receive a text message with details about the suspected transaction. All you have to do is respond to the text to confirm the transaction.

  • If you indicate the transaction is fraud, you’ll receive another message with a number to call for follow-up. If not, you’re all set. The system will mark the transaction as legitimate and you can get on with your day – simple as that.
  • Getting Started:
    • If we have your cell phone number on file, you’ll receive an initial text message invitation for SMS notification. If you wish to opt-in to this service, you may follow the enrollment instructions provided. Southern Bank debit cardholders who choose to opt-in will be enrolled initially during the week of May 21, 2018. New debit cardholders will receive an invitation text message soon after the card is activated. If there is suspicious activity, we’ll send a text alert right away.

    • If you are not enrolled in SMS Text Messaging Fraud Alerts you will receive an automated call from EnFact. Your response to this call is important to help stop actual fraud and to avoid restrictions that may be placed on your card. A sudden change in the location from which transactions usually occur, a high-cost purchase, a string of transactions from a merchant or ATM within a short time period, or a transaction that matches criteria of a known fraud trend may flag a transaction as suspicious.

    • Please inform us of a change of telephone number as soon as possible, so you can be contacted quickly when suspicious transactions occur. Our top priority is ensuring that your card is safe and that you have the ease of using your card when and wherever you need it.

    • Traveling Outside the United States: Our EnFact Service monitors for fraudulent activity and foreign transactions have the potential to be seen as fraudulent activities. To protect our customers from this threat, some countries have been blocked from Debit Card usage. Please contact us prior to your travel to ensure you will never be left without funds.