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"Alexa, Ask Southern Bank"

Easily and securely check your available balance, spendable balance, and ask common questions from any Alexa compatible device. Using this feature requires enrollment in our free online banking. 

Get Started

Voice Banking uses the Alexa Skills Service. Here's what you need to get started:

  • Any Alexa device (e.g. Echo Dot)
  • You must have your own personal Amazon account
  • Mobile Device with Amazon Alexa app installed
  • Internet access
  • Valid online banking ID and passcode

*Amazon and Alexa are trademarks of Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.


Enable Skill

There are two ways to find your Voice Banking Skill

  1. Launch the Amazon Alexa app > Go to Skills & Games > Search for "Southern Bank" to find Southern Bank Voice Banking 
  2. From your Alexa Device > say "Alexa, open Southern Bank"

**Note: You will still be required to complete account linking.


Link Account

To complete account linking:

  1. Sign into the Alexa app using your Amazon creditentials
  2. Navigate to Southern Bank's Alexa Skill page (refer to step 1 in Enable Skill)
  3. Click Enable to use
  4. Leave Device Country and Postal Code checked and click Save Permissions
  5. Click Settings
  6. Click Link Account
  7. Enter your login credentials and answer your security question
  8. Accept Terms and Conditions
  9. Create a spoken passcode (4-digit numeric). This spoken passcode is required to access account balances.


Voice Banking FAQs

Once you are ready to talk to Alexa, say: "Alexa, ask Southern Bank" any of the following questions. This particular list of questions does not require account linking.

  • What is the routing number? 
  • What is the customer support phone number? 
  • What are the customer service hours? 
  • What if I suspect fraud? 
  • What is the bank mailing address? 
  • Where can I locate my full account number? 
  • How do I order checks? 
  • What is a person to person payment? 
  • What is an external transfer? 
  • What is an external transfer fee? 
  • What is a person to person limit? 
  • What is the mobile check deposit amount limit? 
  • How many mobile check deposits can I do each day? 
  • When will my funds be available? 
  • How is a bill pay payment sent? 
  • Why can’t I cancel a transfer? 
  • How do I cancel a bill pay payment? 
  • Why can’t I cancel a person to person payment? 
  • What does the error “can’t read check” mean? 
  • What is an external account? 
  • What are the fees to use Alexa? 
  • How secure is Alexa? 
  • What is the cutoff time for transfers? 
  • When is the cutoff time for loan transfers? 
  • What is the bill pay ‘send on’ date? 
  • What is the bill pay ‘delivered by’ date? 
  • What is an e bill? 
  • What is an available balance? 
  • What is a current balance? 

Linked Account FAQs

Balance Inquiry: You can ask Alexa for your balances in a number of different ways. For each scenario, after you ask your question, Alexa will reply with, "To access secure information, please provide your voice PIN." Once the PIN has been identified, Alexa will provide the response.

Type Question Response Logic
Balance (primary)

Alexa, ask Southern Bank, what is my account balance? 

Alexa will read back the balance for the primary account associated within your mobile banking. 

Specific balances 

Alexa, ask Southern Bank, what is my (nickname) balance? 

Alexa will find/match a specific balance by reading the account nicknames. 

All balances for an account type 

Alexa, ask Southern Bank, what is my checking account balance? 

Alexa will read back the number of accounts you have for that account type, and proceed with reading the nickname and balance per account. 

All balances 

Alexa, ask Southern Bank, what are all of my balances? 

Alexa will read back all balances in the order they appear in the mobile app. 


Spendable Balance: Here are a few examples of ways you can ask for your spendable balance.

"Alexa, ask Southern Bank."

  • For my spendable balance.
  • What is my spendable balance?
  • What is the spendable balance on my account?
  • How much is my spendable balance?
  • What is the spendable balance in my checking account?