Wealth Management Services

This conversion will have no impact on your current wealth management account(s), or how they are managed. Southern Bank is expanding our Wealth Management division to encompass all that Citizens Bank & Trust has been offering.

You’ll still interact with the same people you already know and trust. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Wealth Management staff.

Employee Benefits + Retirement
(800) 399-3023

Mark Kempf
(660) 224-7047

Diane Miller
(660) 582-2171

Trust Services
(660) 646-8500

Jill Pfaff
(660) 707-4664

Dianne Oder
(660) 707-4682

Wealth Management

Mark Eagleton
(816) 459-4007

Jim Blackford
(660) 224-7035

Private Banking

Megan Schoen
(816) 332-5357

Additional Logins

You will be able to find the Additional Logins drop-down menu right next to our online banking Login ribbon on every page of www.bankwithsouthern.com - Southern Bank’s main website. These will be available no later than Monday, February 27.

Portals included:

  • Retirement Plan
  • Trust Portfolio

Your login credentials will remain the same. However, the portals will begin to look different as they transition to Southern Bank branding.

If you have any issues logging in, please contact us:

Retirement, FSA, HRA, or HSA: (800) 399-3023

Trust Department: (660) 646-8500