Your new Southern Bank account.

Take a look at the table below to see how your account(s) will convert. For complete details, check out the Accounts Booklet.

Checking Accounts

Savings Accounts


Business Accounts


Your interest rate, terms and conditions will remain the same. Beginning February 27, you can make payments by visiting any Southern Bank branch or mailing payments to: PO Box 520, Poplar Bluff, MO 63902. You will no longer use Citizens Bank & Trust payment coupons. You can expect to begin receiving Southern Bank loan statements as soon as March 18. Loan statements are generated 20 days before the next scheduled due date.


Shortly after February 27, you will receive a special paper statement for each of your former Citizens Bank & Trust accounts. Your special statement will cover the period from your last regular statement date through February 24, 2023, which may only be a portion of your normal statement period. You will receive a paper statement for this time period, regardless of if you are enrolled in online statements.

Your next statement will be issued by Southern Bank and will cover the period from February 27 to your new normal statement date. You will receive an easy-to-read statement for your Southern Bank account(s) each month (or quarter, if you have a savings account).

New Information

Your first Southern Bank statement could be received as early as February 28, depending on your account type. See below for statement drop dates.

For your convenience, any checks paid from your Southern Bank account will be clearly listed on your monthly statement or can be viewed and printed using Southern Bank online banking.

5th Day of Each Month

Southern Basic

15th Day of Each Month

Southern Elite

20th Day of Each Month

Interest Checking

Last Day of Each Month

Southern Advantage

Commercial Checking

Small Business Interest Checking

Small Business Free Checking

Money Market Silver

Health Savings Account

Last Day of Each Quarter

Southern Savings

Youth Savings

NOTE: Don’t forget to enroll in paperless statements inside Southern Bank’s online banking - it’s quick and easy. See our user guide for instructions.

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