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Meet ongoing needs – as they arise – with a Revolving Line of Credit.

Affordably finance your inventories, accounts receivable, and a number of other needs without applying for separate loans. The revolving nature of this credit line allows you to withdraw funds repeatedly as needed (up to your credit limit), then repay as your business cycle is completed . As you pay down your balance, more funds become available for use.

  • Competitive rates for a wide range of long-term or ongoing business needs:
    • Inventories
    • Accounts receivable
    • And more
  • Gives your business more flexibility to take advantage of opportunities that arise
  • Flexible repayment terms; repay as your business cycle is completed
  • Only pay interest on the money that’s used
  • Revolving credit – available balance replenishes as you pay down principal
  • The ability to access funds on an as-needed basis up to your credit limit
    • Funds conveniently available by contacting us to make an advance to your checking account or a sweep account can be established with a peg balance that will be maintained on a daily basis
    • Funds in excess of the peg balance are applied to the balance of the line of credit
  • Streamlined process supported by local decisions
  • Exceptional assistance channeled through an experienced commercial lending team

Looking for an anytime-available source of funds?

Let us know to get the process started.