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CardValet Fraud Prevention

Control where, when and how your card is used, while safeguarding against fraud.

By downloading the free CardValet app to your smartphone, you're always in control of card activity. Turn cards off and on, set thresholds, monitor transactions, and much more — all from your phone. Best of all, it's customizable to your preferences. 

  • Protect yourself against fraud in a customizable way
  • Free app, available from your smartphone’s app store
  • Turn cards off and on
  • Control locations
  • Set up merchant type controls
  • Set thresholds
  • Set alert preferences
  • Monitor transactions
  • Step 1 - Download CardValet App
  • Step 2 – Enter card information
    • Card number
    • Address*
    • Security code
    • Card expiration
  • Step 3 – Verify acceptance
    • Accept Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy
  • Step 4 – Create your account
    • Create username and password
    • Enter email
*For security purposes, the address entered must match the address on file at Southern Bank exactly. 
CardValet Options

How To: Turn Cards Off

When your card is ON, transactions are allowed in accordance with your control settings. When the card is OFF, no purchases or withdrawals are approved. This control can be used to disable a lost or stolen card.

  • Select the On/Off toggle to turn card on or off
  • Confirm changes

  • Card status: Green=On; Red=Off 

How To: Control Locations

The My Location control can restrict transactions to merchants located within a certain range of each cardholder’s location (using your phone’s GPS); transactions requested outside of the specified range can be declined. Location options include:

  • None (Location policy is not enabled)

  • My Location (Matches cardholder’s phone location to merchant location, and denies if no match)
  • My Regions (User selects a regional area from a map) RECOMMENDED
  • International (Enables International policy)

Note: If ‘my locations’ is selected and the cardholder’s phone and the card are not in the same location, transactions will be declined. Location control does not impact card-not-present transactions. 

How To: Set Up Merchant Type Controls

CardValet allows you to set debit card limits for the types of merchants allowed – such as location and dollar amounts, which is a great tool for parents and employers.

  • Merchant Types ON enables all merchant types
  • Turn OFF individual merchant types to control transactions 

How To: Set Thresholds

With CardValet, you can set user thresholds to help control debit card spending.

  • Select Threshold Policy ON to enable threshold amounts
  • Cardholders can specify an amount above which transactions should NOT be authorized

Note: If thresholds is turned on, an amount must be entered or all transactions will be declined. 

How To: Set Alert Preferences

CardValet can send you real-time push notifications, such as alerts when your balance is low or when your card is used.

  • Select “Alert Preferences” to specify card alert settings
  • Alerts can be generated based on location, merchant types and thresholds 

How To: Monitor Transactions

You can also view recent account transactions via CardValet, to help monitor and control spending.

  • Under Card Details, select Recent Transactions
  • View pending, cancelled, denied and posted transactions