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Manage your business checking, savings, and more from anywhere with our range of cash management services.

Southern Bank offers a full range of innovative Cash Management products and services to meet the demanding needs of your business and help run your business more effectively and efficiently.

Southern Bank’s Cash Management services are a suite of online tools for commercial users, designed to efficiently process the collection of receivables, control disbursements or payments, reconcile accounts, provide balance information, and efficiently manage cash flow.

  • ACH Credit Origination: allowing your business to make direct deposits into other people’s accounts, which is useful if you want to offer direct paycheck deposits to your employees (Direct Deposit).
  • ACH Debit Origination: allowing your business to make direct withdrawals from other people’s accounts, which is useful if you want to offer users the convenience of paying bills automatically (Auto Debit or Direct Payment).
  • Balance Reporting: allowing your business to create balance reports on individual accounts or any combination of accounts, which can be created for the current day, for a prior day, or for the current and the prior day.
  • Book Transfers: allowing your business to make account-to-account transfers within Southern Bank to manage your cash flow.
  • Check Reconciliation (Positive Pay): allowing your business to monitor checks clearing your account(s) to prevent check fraud.
  • EFTPS: allowing your business to pay federal taxes by direct deposit.
  • NACHA Import: allowing your business to import NACHA-formatted files that include both credit and debit items.
  • Secure File Transfer: allowing your business to send an encrypted file of sensitive information to Southern Bank via encrypted email.
  • Wire Transfer Requests: allowing your business to send wire transfer requests directly to Southern Bank.
  • Remote Deposit Capture: allowing your business to deposit checks day or night directly from your office, reducing the need for frequent trips to the bank. 
  • Other Services: if there are other services not listed above to fit your business’s needs, we may still be able to find a personal solution for you. Click the "Get Started" button below and ask for an account representative to contact you today. 

Click here to view NACHA's Operating Rules and Guidelines, including any new changes, for originating all ACH transactions.

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