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How the Right Bank Account Can Make College Less Stressful

| Published: March 22, 2017
About 20 million students enroll in college every year, with many of them traveling away from home to attend their school of choice. With that distance comes stress for both parents and students as they navigate the ups and downs of separation, new surroundings and new responsibilities – including finances. That's where the right bank account make a big difference for students’ and parents’ peace of mind.

How Far Will Your Homeowners Insurance Take You After a Natural Disaster?

| Published: March 17, 2017
You finally bought your dream home, and to protect your investment, you have homeowners insurance. But what exactly does that mean in the face of a natural disaster? Here’s a look at four common natural disasters and the typical coverage offered by homeowners insurance.*

The Top 3 Questions People Have About Kasasa

| Published: March 09, 2017
At first, it’s a little hard to get your head around the idea of getting paid for stuff you’re already doing. We understand. So here’s a little mini FAQ about Kasasa:

Mortgage 101: Advice from our Experts

| Published: March 06, 2017
It’s the biggest investment you’re likely to ever make, which can be scary at any time in your life but particularly for first-time homebuyers. So we’ve rounded up some expert tips from Southern Bank mortgage specialists to help get you started on the road to your dream home.

Get the Most from your Banking Experience

| Published: February 21, 2017
You’re 1,000 miles from home on vacation and realize you forgot to drop your mortgage payment in the mail. You need to deposit a check but don’t have time to go by the bank or ATM. You spot an awesome purse in a store window on your lunch break, but have lost track of your account balance. All of these dilemmas are easily solved with mobile banking from Southern Bank. According to a 2015 study, around 55% of Americans are now using mobile banking. If you’re not currently signed up, you’re not getting the most from your checking account.